Sermons from July 2022

Sermons from July 2022

“Cords of Kindness Are we living out kindness in our lives? When people see us, do they see the love and kindness of Jesus? Be encouraged by today’s message, “Cords of Kindness…” as Pastor Wayne shares a message from Hosea 11.

“Union With Christ…”

Please click this link to hear Pastor Brenda share a word from Colossians 2. She teaches us what we need to add to our lives to make it complete; and by adding that one thing, we will live a life of truth, gratitude, and in the fullness of God…

“Living in a Bitter Day…”

We invite you to hear this message from Pastor Wayne as he shares from the Gospel of Luke.  He encourages us to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives and live a better life basking in the presence of the Lord.

“The Standard…”

What standards are you using to measure yourself?  Or what standards are you using to determine how straight you are? Pastor Jay delivers a powerful message from the book of Amos. He teaches us how to line up our lives with God the one true standard.