Sermons on Home

Sermons on Home

“Lost and Found…”

We invite you to watch and see today’s message from Luke 15 come alive. Pastor Jay shares a power message “Lost and Found…” while our worship artist brings the scriptures to life.

“The Light of Home…”

We invite you to click this link to hear this weeks message, “The Light of Home…”  Pastor Jay brings us to Ephesians 1:3-14 where we learn about Jesus being the Light and how we are to shine that light into the darkness.

“Lost and Found at Home…”

We invite you to step into the New and Old Testament as we reflect on lives of Jesus and Samuel as young servants of the Lord.   Pastor Brenda takes us into the Temple where we notice Jesus and Samuel driving forward in wisdom, stature, and divine and human favor. Where might you be in the Royal Priesthood today, lost or found or perhaps “Lost and Found at Home…?” Click the link below to find your way Home today.

“The Blessing of Home…”

We invite you to journey with as Pastor Wayne takes us to the Gospel of Luke chapter 1 where we experience love that came down to dwell among us. Today’s scriptures reveal how Mary lovingly and selflessly gave her life over to the Lord, so that His will would be fulfilled for generations.    We encourage you to watch today’s message, “The Blessing of Home…” as we meander through Advent.

“Prepare For Home…”

We invite you to “Prepare for Home…” as Pastor Brenda shares a message from the Gospel of Luke encouraging us to  shout in the wilderness, to raise a horn of salvation, by making straight the way for a strong King. How can you make straight the way? What mountains can you lower? What valleys can you bring up? What curves need straightening? Be filled with the Spirit, and Joy as you, “Prepare For Home…” this Christmas.

“Time to Come Home…”

As we set in motion our Advent season, Pastor Wayne delivers a powerful message from the book of Jeremiah. “The days are coming…” and it is, “Time to Come Home…” Come celebrate salvation, and restoration, for the Lord is our righteousness!  Enjoy today’s message and lodge yourself into the safety of the coming King!