Sermons by Pastor Wayne Clemens

Sermons by Pastor Wayne Clemens

“Faith~The Shout of Victory…”

  We invite you to click this link to hear a message from Pastor Wayne Clemens. He shares, “Faith ~The Shout of Victory…” from the Book of Joshua. What walls need to come down for you? Let today’s Word inspire you to step out in faith and shout the victory in your situation.

“Received By Faith…”

We invite you to hear this powerful message of Faith, “Received By Faith…”  Pastor Wayne teaches us what faith looks like, how we seek it and what to do if we find we need more of it.  Be blessed by this Word today…

“Cords of Kindness Are we living out kindness in our lives? When people see us, do they see the love and kindness of Jesus? Be encouraged by today’s message, “Cords of Kindness…” as Pastor Wayne shares a message from Hosea 11.

“Living in a Bitter Day…”

We invite you to hear this message from Pastor Wayne as he shares from the Gospel of Luke.  He encourages us to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives and live a better life basking in the presence of the Lord.