Sermons by Pastor Jay Scienza

Sermons by Pastor Jay Scienza

“The Standard…”

What standards are you using to measure yourself?  Or what standards are you using to determine how straight you are? Pastor Jay delivers a powerful message from the book of Amos. He teaches us how to line up our lives with God the one true standard.   Click this link to hear today’s word.  

“The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation…”

We encourage you to hear today’s message, “The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation…” Pastor Jay shares how the Apostle Paul prayed to Lord that he would give spiritual wisdom and revelation to the people, so that they might grow in the knowledge of God. If you want to learn how to grow deeper in spiritual wisdom and revelation click this link to be enlightened.


Be inspired by today’s message, “Unlearning…” Pastor Jay delivers an insightful message teaching us to unlearn some traditions to learn a new way bringing forth deeper revelation for the kingdoms expansion.

“We are Witnesses…”

“We Are Witnesses…” Beloved, do we understand what that means? Do we believe it?   Witnessing gives a testimony to help others draw a conclusion… What testimony of Jesus can you share with others that will draw them to repentance and to the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit?

“He is Risen…”

Beloved, Christ is Alive.  He has conquered the grave and is seated at the right hand of the Father in Glory. We invite you to click this link to hear a message of Resurrection.    Pastor Wayne and Pastor Jay declare the word,  “He is Risen…”  This message will stir your faith and spur you to want to know more about this Risen Lord and King…  

“Lost and Found…”

We invite you to watch and see today’s message from Luke 15 come alive. Pastor Jay shares a power message “Lost and Found…” while our worship artist brings the scriptures to life.

“Stay Close…”

We invite you to worship with us as Pastor Jay shares a message about how we are to remain on the vine.  Be encouraged as he shares how the vinedresser lifts us up, cleans us off and produces abundant fruit through us as we stay close to Jesus.

“Reflecting His Glory…”

Learn how to experience God’s holy presence as Associate Pastor Jay M. Scienza brings this passionate message titled “Reflecting His Glory”. You will learn that not only can you see God’s glory, but you can be changed by it and reflect it for people to be changed!

“You Can Do It…”

You are invited to watch this powerful message from Pastor Jay.  In this message, “You Can Do It…”, Pastor Jay takes us to Jeremiah where we see how God knew us, created us, breathed His breath into us and anointed us to preach the Gospel.  Be encouraged by today’s message from the Lord.

“The Light of Home…”

We invite you to click this link to hear this weeks message, “The Light of Home…”  Pastor Jay brings us to Ephesians 1:3-14 where we learn about Jesus being the Light and how we are to shine that light into the darkness.