Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

“Prepare For Home…”

We invite you to “Prepare for Home…” as Pastor Brenda shares a message from the Gospel of Luke encouraging us to  shout in the wilderness, to raise a horn of salvation, by making straight the way for a strong King. How can you make straight the way? What mountains can you lower? What valleys can you bring up? What curves need straightening? Be filled with the Spirit, and Joy as you, “Prepare For Home…” this Christmas.

“Time to Come Home…”

As we set in motion our Advent season, Pastor Wayne delivers a powerful message from the book of Jeremiah. “The days are coming…” and it is, “Time to Come Home…” Come celebrate salvation, and restoration, for the Lord is our righteousness!  Enjoy today’s message and lodge yourself into the safety of the coming King!

“Jesus Present, Past, Future…”

Associate Pastor Jay M. Scienza brings this passionate and exciting message on the ministry of Jesus: present, past and future. Join us and be charged up discovering how Jesus is our Savior, Intercessor, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, and soon coming King!

“Wrapped In Confidence…”

We invite you to draw closer to God, hold fast to your hope, and consider one another as we ease closer to that great Day when our Savior Returns.  Pastor Brenda shares a bold, unswerving, fearless message encouraging us to not forsake gathering together as we become fully “Wrapped in Confidence…” Also enjoy our new worship song written by Pastor Wayne Clemens exclusively for todays message, “Wrapped In Confidence…”

“Share Christ Always & Everywhere…”

Step into the book of Hebrews with us as Pastor Wayne expounds on how God sees us on the inside. We challenge ourselves with questions like how does God see me? What does God know about me and how that matches up with the world view of me?  

“Dig Your Heels In…”

Step in to the Book of Ruth as Pastor Jay shares a compelling Word, “Dig Your Heels In…”  May this message encourage you to step forward when other voices may try to send you backward.  Allow today’s Word to birth a spirit of determination within you.

“Let Me See…”

We invite you to click the link below to see the message, “Let Me See…” from the Gospel of Mark. Pastor Brenda shares how we too can be like Bartimaeus and look beyond the blindness to see the Savior. We are here to serve you, connect with us!

“X-Ray Vision…”

We invite you to click this link ]to hear today’s message from Pastor Jay “X-Ray Vision…”  Hear how the Word of God reveals to us who He is, and what is inside of us.