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Youth Ministry

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This week, we are learning about the Holy Spirit and sharing God’s Word.  This lesson will be better when we can all be together.  Imagine this…

First, you will need a bunch of small candy bars.  You will also need to find an adult to be the leader that holds the candy bars.  Next…

Choose one child to come to the leader.  The leader will say something like this: “I have free candy bars! You may have one, but you now need to go tell 1 other person about the free candy bars!” As each child comes up, tell them the same thing. If you have a large group, have the kids tell 2 others about the free candy. Watch the candy spread! Towards the end when almost everyone has candy, have your “evangelist” stand and loudly proclaim, “Is there anyone else who still needs a free candy bar?”}

Sharing your candy bars is just like sharing the Name of Jesus.  Both sharings will show a sweet result.  Think how easy it might be to share candy bars….that’s how easy it should be to share your story of what Jesus means to you.  That’s how the Holy Spirit can spread so that everyone will receive the gift of Jesus.

This is the story of how it happened for Jesus’ disciples:

Love You All!

Kids’ Church Adults


During our Sunday morning worship, we provide a fun and engaging experience for your child, K-6th grade. “Kidz Church” is a Spirit-led program, where children are encouraged to grow in the Lord.  Our Kidz program coincides with our current sermon series. By streamlining these messages, your family can grow together in Christ.  We invite your little one to CenterPoint Kidz where we saved them a spot in “Kidz Church!”
Our Worship service is also broadcast into our nursery on the second floor for those who are up to Pre-K age with parental supervision.

Eclipse Sunday Nite Youth Worship

Sunday Nite @ 6:30 – Teens from grades 6-12 are invited to engage in Spirit-Led Modern Worship with a “down to earth” message based upon Sunday morning’s teaching. It will be a time of great food, fun games, loud music & the opportunity to connect with friends, create new relationships & apply the Word of God to everyday life as our youth begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Eclipse Yth

On Sunday nights from 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm our youth, grades 6-12 engage in an upbeat Spirit-Led, modern worship.  At Eclipse Yth, there will be an opportunity to: connect with friends, create new relationships and apply the Word of God to your everyday life.  Please join us at Eclipse Yth while you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.