Second Service Launch 9.11.16

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The Towel and The Twelve



Holy Maundy Thursday 3/24/16

The Towel and The Twelve

Written by : Kathy Peters

Growth Groups

Over these past few months CenterPoint Christian Fellowship Church has been

experiencing an increase in our Growth-Group Ministry. We believe that real

discipleship and growth occurs in deliberate, consistent, biblical-based affinity

groups of 6-10 each. These Growth-Groups continue to do more & be more than

what we can possibly do or be during large corporate worship gatherings on

Sunday mornings. Our groups have recently been utilizing a common DVD based

learning & growing experience. We would love to see these groups expanded to

include other individualized affinity groups that would meet on Wed. evenings as

we currently do, led by a group leader, who would guide & direct the gatherings

in prayer, accountability, and love. Our prayer is that we would be able to

accommodate as many as possible with the ultimate goal of everyone associated

with CenterPoint Church involved in a Growth-Group in some way. This is an

opportunity for us to truly do life together, to grow together, to encourage and

pray for one another.

Please feel free to ask Pastor Wayne or any member of the CenterPoint leadership team any questions that you might have…  additional contact by email : or through Facebook is highly recommended.

Thank you so much for your time, your consideration, and your input – it is a tremendously valuable part of this process as we go forward together.